The Delhi police need to be complimented for the arrest of dreaded terrorist and alleged LeT ideologue Abdul Karim Tunda, with the help of the authorities in Nepal (Aug.18). It is time to act tough. No leniency of any sort should be extended. Terrorists are inhuman. The detailed reports on Tunda (Aug.18) show that his sole mission has been to spread terror at any cost. It is hoped that the trials are fast tracked and the guilty punished.

Balasubramaniam Pavani, Secunderabad

The Delhi police need to be lauded. Time and again it has been proved that Pakistan and some other neighbouring countries are directly or indirectly involved in the spread of terror.

Madhusree Guha, Kolkata

Keeping in mind the procedures followed by the Indian legal system, one can easily predict the by now familiar pattern invariably associated with such types of cases: first, a dispute will arise on who is to have custody of the accused — the Delhi police or their Mumbai counterpart. The next step is the gathering of evidence and the filing of the charge sheet, regular hearings and so on. Somewhere along the line, there is bound to be a mercy petition. By a conservative estimate, the entire process will take two decades from today. In short, nothing might happen to Tunda.

Arun Malankar, Mumbai

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