The vilification that Ireland is facing in India over the tragic death of Dr. Savita Halappanavar is totally unjustified. At this stage when an investigation is proceeding, which will be followed by an inquest held in open court, comment should wait until the facts are known. Those criticising Ireland do not know what caused the death of Dr. Savita and certainly do not know whether the Irish Abortion Laws have the slightest relevance to her death.

According to the World Health Organisation, Ireland has one of the lowest maternal mortality rates in the world routinely coming in the top five or six countries and ahead of Britain so the facts would seem to show that women’s lives are at less risk in Ireland than they are in other countries.

Her husband undoubtedly believes that an early abortion would have saved her life but with the utmost respect to him he is not medically qualified. So, once again prudence and fairness should dictate that comment waits until the facts are known.

I am not Irish, I am English. I am taken aback by the disgraceful and unjustified criticism of Ireland by many.

Neil Addison,

Barrister at Law

Cheshire, England

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