Merely talking about the evil of rape is not going to end its recrudescence. The readiness with which justice is delivered to the aggrieved also plays a major role in the fight against the evil of rape. What we need is a judicial system which is quick and honest in delivering justice, in tandem with adequate and effective laws to empower women.

Shashank Kumar Pandey,


In recent times, a ‘gang-rape culture’ has emerged in India. Public places no longer exert the social pressure they once did on individuals. As old community bonds weaken with urbanisation, there is a sort of moral vacuum being created, making those spaces vulnerable.

Old notions of respect, chivalry towards women, though simplistic, have been abandoned but have not been replaced by new values. Added to this is the ever decreasing Sex Ratio. A sort of cultural catastrophe awaits us as regards the treatment of women. We need to collectively realise this and take comprehensive action.

Prince Kadyan,

Panipat, Haryana

It is surprising that even law students are not able to react or protest against sexual abuses instantly. Whatever may be that person’s designation, even if he is a constitutional authority, women must let him know their disagreement immediately, without wasting time. This ‘time’ is crucial, because the delay or non-expression of her disagreement, may lead to the interpretation that, ‘she liked it or she has no problem’. When she opens her mouth after a while, her integrity will be questioned.

It is more problematic when she just reports it through her social media accounts. The Delhi High Court’s observation regarding ‘time limit’ to file sexual harassment complaints may inspire women to make complaints at the appropriate legal forum immediately.

Smitha Nizar,


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