The world is yet to know the whole truth about Osama's death. The most important question is: why wasn't he taken alive? Because he might have walked free for lack of evidence if he were brought to trial?

It is here that India is setting an example to the world. It is giving Ajmal Kasab a fair trial, giving him an opportunity to defend himself. The solution to terrorism does not lie in killing men. You have to obliterate the ideology that drives people to violence.

Dipin Damodaran,

New Delhi

I wonder why Osama was not captured alive, even when he was found unarmed during the operation. Did the U.S. want to finish him off when it said it wanted to capture him alive or dead? Barack Obama's statement that “justice has been done” is unacceptable. Justice would have been done only if Osama had been produced before courts and punished under the law.

N. Ramakrishnan,


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