Shiv Sainiks who have said they will not allow removal of the makeshift memorial for Bal Thackeray from Shivaji Park are being unreasonable. The Sena’s adamant attitude only proves that it does not care for the rule of law. If people belonging to different parties or beliefs start putting up illegal hoardings in public places and refuse to remove them for fear of hurting people’s sentiments, we can imagine the chaos the state will slip into.

The Sainiks have for long enjoyed power and authority in Maharashtra. It is time they used their power for doing something more productive.

Somipem Keishing,


Bal Thackeray might have been a controversial figure. Detractors may have found many reasons to criticise him. But he is a revered figure for a considerable section of Maharashtrians.

There is, therefore, nothing wrong in putting up a structure to perpetuate his memory. But the question is whether it should be built at Shivaji Park. It is the duty of the Sena leaders to pacify their cadres and choose some other location. Any untoward incident over the issue will further damage the image of the departed leader and the administration.

R. Sridharan,



Defiant Shiv Sainiks converge on Shivaji Park December 8, 2012

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