The mind-boggling figures of public money drained out of our country since 1948 (“Illegal financial flows: the great drain robbery,” Nov. 18) compels us to agree with President Barack Obama's observation that India is an economic superpower. Who else, if not the uncomplaining ordinary Indian, can afford such rampant corruption in public life?

D.V.G. Sankararao,


Scams after scams are piling up because there are safe havens abroad to store the stolen money. It is this which encourages the looters, who are secure in the belief that no one can ever lay their hands on the ill-gotten wealth. The government's reluctance to initiate any meaningful action to recover this booty is no secret.

S. Rajagopalan,


The Global Financial Integrity report on the illicit financial flows from India clearly proves that transparency and honesty, values which are vital for development, are completely missing. India needs a strong government with all the regulatory powers to check illegal outflows, which are enough to feed the starving population and ensure education and basic health for all.

N. Murali,


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