The article, “A legacy of activism” by Nirupama Subramanian (December 14) speaks comprehensively of one of the most brilliant and bold judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Ifthikar Chaudhary. Justice Chaudhary’s legacy will inspire many young lawyers in Pakistan and will be admired in India and Bangladesh, too.

G. Azeemoddin, Anantpur

Ifthikar Chaudhary will certainly go down in history as the first judge who challenged military rule successfully. Justice Chaudhary’s refusal to bow down to Pervez Musharraf and step down from his post has been one of the high-points in his distinguished career. Upholding the values of law in turbulent times is a true testimony to character, and Justice Chaudhary’s legacy, as explained by the author, will definitely be upheld by others.

Balasubramaniam Pavani, Secunderabad


A legacy of activismDecember 14, 2013

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