When Gandhiji was arrested at 12.45 a.m. on May 4, 1930 at Karadi near Dandi for violating the salt law, Miraben, his close associate, said: “At the dead of night, like thieves they came to steal him away for when they sought to lay hand on him, they feared the multitudes …” This attitude was evident in the government’s action of airlifting the 23-year-old gang rape victim to a Singapore hospital for treatment, bringing her body back at the dead of night and conducting her funereal in a hush-hush manner. From 1930 to 2012, only the colour of the rulers has changed; they maintain their condescending attitude.

Dain Thomas,

New Delhi

That the rape victim was cremated in such a rush despite the cold weather, without giving her family sufficient time to perform the last rites, is indeed unfortunate. The government obviously acted in such haste to see that protests did not get out of hand. It was an absurd thing to do.

Sunil Panwar,


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