Valson Thampoo’s Op-Ed article (Sept. 22) should enlighten all those who find fault with every human activity irrespective of the motive or the meaning it carries.

Kumaran Appuchami,



In Tharoor’s joke, which no doubt is one, the personal lament that he is most unfortunately destined to be in the company of “cattle” though he himself is a much elevated soul is too conspicuous to go unnoticed. Any other attributes to it requires a laborious interpretation the way Valson Thampu has attempted in this case. Humour will certainly be appreciated but not without the sarcasm in it being noticed especially when the latter is more prominent.

T. V. Unnikrishnan,



Anyone with an open mind cannot see in this remark any aspersion on economy class travellers. But how gleefully did those who were supposed to defend him leave him in the lurch. One wonders if Mr. Tharoor met with the fate of the camel in Aesop’s fable which made friends with wild animals.

V.P. Rajappan,



Humour and heresy September 22, 2009

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