The practice of medicine is based on the improvement of health and the standard of living (“For more humanity in medicine,” Sept.11). The art of medicine is based purely on the understanding of the human nature.

The medical profession is essentially a blend of humaneness and scientific outlook. The study of humanities and social sciences will go a long way in making medicine more meaningful to society.

V. Thirumal Rao,


The undermining of social sciences and humanities has already had a harmful effect on society. These streams look at the subjective understanding of objective facts. We cannot overlook the importance of humanities and social sciences in medicine.

Binod Bhattarai,


I wonder why we do not include humanities in our medical curriculum. The lack of understanding of human qualities is reflected in many doctors' behaviour towards their patients. Most doctors are cut off from the realities of human society and its sufferings.

The noble profession of medicine calls for more individuals dedicated to humanity.

Sanjit Kumar Mishra,


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