The editorial “Dealing with human failure” (Oct. 22) aptly points to the importance of follow-up action in case of train accidents to avoid their recurrence. Rather than announcing ex-gratia payment to victims and suspending a few officials, the government should adopt a proactive approach towards passenger safety. Would the government response have been the same — long investigations followed by zero improvement — had accidents occurred in the aviation sector due to human or device malfunction?

Varad Seshadri, Sunnyvale

The train accident near Mathura yet again exposes the callousness and lack of concern for human lives on the part of the railway staff. The usual drama of Ministers and senior officials giving interviews to the media and announcing monetary compensation to victims and their families will do nothing to bring about the needed discipline. We are yet to know what action the Railways have taken on earlier accidents.

T.V. Suresh, Coimbatore

The government announces additional trains every year in the railway budget. But do we have a corresponding increase in manpower to match the requirements necessitated by these additional trains? Engine drivers are always under great stress.

Easwar Raghunathan, Mumbai

Whether the accident occurred due to a signal failure or human error, the Railways should take the responsibility for it. Unless such incidents are taken seriously, they are bound to recur.

S.V. Visakh, Nellimood


Overhaul safety measures: Mamata October 23, 2009

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