The kidnap and murder of two children and the rape of a seven-year-old in Delhi have exposed the fissures in India’s commitment to provide a safe and conducive environment for child development. School authorities should be responsible for the safety of children on school premises and ensure that only parents are allowed to take them home. While the police and the judiciary should be more sensitive to children’s needs, the responsibility of ensuring a safe childhood for them lies on the shoulder of every citizen.

Bhumika Saini,


Gone are the days when parents and relatives tried to hush up crimes like rape. They have realised that by keeping quiet, they only embolden anti-social elements to harass women.

If only the law-enforcement agencies can use the change in the thinking of rape victims and their relatives to bring the culprits to justice, crimes against women can be controlled sooner than later.

K.M. Abdul Salim,


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