Although the inclusion of members from civil society in the joint committee set up to draft the Lokpal Bill is praiseworthy, the law will be rendered toothless in the absence of effective enforcement. The menace of corruption has acquired alarming proportions. It is well nigh impossible to eradicate it.

Unless more crusaders like Mr. Hazare emerge on the horizon, the scourge will stalk our nation.

P.K. Varadarajan,



While it was heartening to see the response to Mr. Hazare's movement to fight corruption, I wonder if a law will ever be effective enough until bureaucrats are made accountable.

For a common man like me, it is impossible to get any work done in government offices unless everyone in the office is taken care of. The application is left unattended if palms are not greased and, many a time, returned for want of some small, silly detail.

Ramesh Sheth,


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