I was horrified to read Shambhavi Saxena’s account (Dec. 28) of how women protesters detained by the police in Delhi were treated at the thana. If the police can behave in such an uncivilised manner in the Parliament Street police station — in the heart of the capital — I can imagine the pain and sufferings of ordinary people, particularly the weaker sections and women, in other parts of the country at the hands of police personnel. Unless the style of policing changes and highhanded actions of policemen are punished, such incidents are bound to recur and increase.

Anu Rajesh, Visakhapatnam

We came to know of the police highhandedness only because Shambhavi is a courageous young woman. When it comes to sexual harassment, police often display the traits of criminals, and that is one of the main reasons anti-social elements feel free to indulge in acts of molestation. The male constable who slammed the 19-year-old’s head against a wall and the woman constable who pulled her hair should be punished.

C.V. Sukumaran, Palakkad

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