This refers to the article “Correcting a historical injustice,” (May 14). The lesson we can learn is that we have already lost a lot of time in giving due recognition to education. The RTE, as a fundamental right, is only the beginning of the process of rectifying this historic wrong. There is a need to have an inclusive, holistic and competent educational system especially after the poor ranking of Indian universities among Asian universities. India has to rewrite its destiny through the strength of its knowledge base.

Divyank Singh,


It is pathetic to read of fiscal apprehensions overriding the right of children to education, while successive governments have had no such apprehensions in writing off corporate income tax worth crores of rupees.

According to UNESCO’s “EFA [Education for All] Global Monitoring Report (GMR) 2013/14, Teaching and Learning: Achieving quality for all,” India is the country which has the largest (adult) illiterate population in the world — 287 million. Of the 10 countries that account for 72 per cent of the global population of illiterate adults, India occupies first place. And to think that we talk about development and bullet trains!

C.V. Sukumaran,


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