The Madras High Court, which has held four top police officials of Chennai responsible for the clash between the police and lawyers on the High Court premises in February and directed the Tamil Nadu government to initiate disciplinary action against them, has let off lawyers with friendly advice, saying they should dispel the impression that they are a law unto themselves. Had the lawyers not behaved in an unlawful manner, the situation leading to the clash would not have arisen in the first place. It was shocking to see the photograph of their celebrations (Oct. 30) after the verdict.

Abid T. Sariya, Chennai

The judges of the Madras High Court have rightly recommended action against four top police officers. However, while expressing the hope that the lawyers will not resort to a strike in future, they have done nothing to punish those who set fire to a police station on the court premises on February 19.

R. Srinarayan, Chennai

While directing the government to take action against police officials, the court has offered motherly counsel to lawyers. It would have been better had a meeting of lawyers and police officials been called by senior members of the judiciary and a compromise effected. Or the government itself could have arranged for such a settlement, directing both sides to withdraw their cases.

N. Chadrasekaran, Chennai

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