In the span of four years, the common man has seen and read about several such scams. For some time it was “Coalgate” that kept “analysts” and TV anchors busy in television studios. Now we have a helicopter scam (“Guilty won’t be spared: Antony,” Feb.14). As it has an Italian connection, the Opposition is gleeful. It is a fact that joining politics is to make money the corrupt way. Service to the people, the nation and other such “patriotic attachments” are just incidental. It’s unfair to single out the former Indian Air Force chief in the current mess. It is certain that many more big names are involved.

M.V.N. Raj,


Once again, another deal being probed by the CBI. Keeping in mind what has happened since Bofors, even a child knows the outcome of this probe.

Sai K. Ramakrishnan Soham,



Guilty won’t be spared: Antony February 13, 2013

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