To be frank, I don't read the politics section in newspapers because the situation is so messy that it is beyond repair. But the report “Professor earns Mamata's wrath, held” (April 14) caught my eye and I felt I had to write something. Rights are supposed to define our country. But, today, people have lost all avenues of expressing their rights. The internet is the only sanctuary left to express your opinion freely. But it seems that that is no longer the case. Arresting people for forwarding emails because you're threatened has to be the most ridiculous misuse of power (so far). Mamata Banerjee obviously cannot take criticism. Thank you, Ms Banerjee, for trying to curb free speech. This is a new low, even for a politician.

Ananth Kini,


The West Bengal government's unrestrained activism in arresting a professor and his neighbour has sent shock waves among the intelligentsia and the academic circles of not only West Bengal but the entire country.

Such repressive measures and intolerant acts aimed at throttling the freedom of expression and thought is dangerously immature. It is hoped that the widespread resentment and wrath generated by the authoritative actions of the Chief Minister will make her demonstrate superior wisdom in future.

G. Rajsekhar,


Ms Banerjee's decision to remove many newspapers from the public libraries of West Bengal and the recent arrest of two persons for circulating satirical e-mails about her defy the principles of democracy. The West Bengal electorate has given Ms Banerjee the mandate to develop the State, not stifle the freedom of expression or the right to dissent.

Ashutosh Bhakuni,



Professor earns Mamata's wrath, heldApril 13, 2012

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