The report of two farmers from Jalgaon travelling to Boston and speaking at Harvard University's Business School on drip irrigation (Nov. 26) was moving. I congratulate The Hindu on giving coverage to the farmers, Hemchandra Patil and Rajendra Patil. Ordinary people like them indeed contribute a lot towards the flow of knowledge. However I wish it could have been the lead story in the front page, which need not always belong to politicians. Can't an ordinary citizen, too, get some prime space in the media?

G. Tirumala Rao,


It is now clear that Indian farmers too are capable of doing something innovative and constructive in the field of agriculture. The presentation by the farmers from Maharashtra is a classic example of the fact that knowledge is universal and can originate from any part of the world. We should honour Hemchandra Patil and Rajendra Patil as we honour sportspersons who bring laurels to the country in internationals events.

J. Eden Alexander,


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