I want to thank The Hindu for carrying the informative and concise article “Take this patient to ICU” (July 14). Taking help and guidance from the army and other defence services may be one way of solving health care problems. The army has its own hospitals and medicare centres and they are very efficient and modern. Their doctors care about people and are always ready to serve.

Vivek Kumar Singh,


I admitted a relative in a corporate hospital for knee replacement surgery. I had medical insurance and had taken pre-hospitalisation approval from the insurance company. At the time of discharge, the hospital asked me to pay close to 3 per cent of the total bill towards non-medical items used during the surgery, which were not approved by the insurance company. Hospital authorities and insurance companies should work out a list of commonly used non-medical items used in medical procedures to be covered under insurance.

Medical insurance, incidentally, is a window for corporate hospitals to make money. Doctors ask you whether you have medical insurance. If you say ‘yes,’ they tell you to get admitted and get all tests done, most of which have little relevance to the disease.

Kondal Reddy Boyapally,


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