MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi’s arrest — on charges of making hate speeches — is laudable. Such divisive forces must certainly be contained, but always. We should give zero leverage to all opportunist ‘leaders’ who love exploiting religion for political ends.


New Delhi

The prompt action against Mr. Owaisi is welcome. But hate speech is not something new in our politics. The divisive voices of the likes of many Owaisis and Narendra Modis are still loud. It is time for introspection. Leaders with divisive agendas will continue to thrive as long as we allow them to. History bears testimony to the harm they have done to us.

Twishi Sinha,

New Delhi

Many have said Mr. Owaisi’s arrest is correct but how many of them know what he said in his speech? Was any strict action taken when Varun Gandhi gave a hate speech? Was Raj Thackeray punished for attacking the unity and integrity of India?

Let us not see the world through the spectacles of the media, most of which has political leanings. Mr. Owaisi belongs to the party which said that we have shed blood for India in the past and will continue to do so.

Absar Talat,


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