It was shocking to read about Sri Lanka’s stance towards its minorities (“Remains of the hate,” June 25, and Editorial, June 20). The government must have known very well that even a spark can trigger an inferno in emotionally surcharged areas where the minorities have been struggling for decades to get their legitimate rights and to live in peace. Even post-LTTE and the elections to the Northern Provincial Council, the ground reality does not appear to have changed for the better for Sri Lanka’s minorities including Tamils. It is intriguing that not even a mere perfunctory statement of condemnation has emanated from either the government or the Sri Lankan President. Violence in India’s neighbourhood is not in anyone’s interests.

R. Sampath,


It is paradoxical that Buddhists are involved in religious or linguistic conflicts. A true follower of the Buddha could not have done that for the Lord was the embodiment of love and compassion. Non-violence (ahimsa) is the core principle on which Buddhism stands. The monk mentioned in the article seems to have been ignorant of Buddha’s advice — “have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little.” The Sri Lankan government’s attitude needs to change.

P.R.V. Raja,

Pandalam, Kerala

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