This refers to the report, “Techie death: Pune police may seek ban on outfit” (June 6). It is painful to hear about the gruesome death of the innocent young man due to hate crime.

Further, the comment made by the BJP MP from Pune that “some repercussions to the Facebook post derogatory of Shivaji and Bal Thackeray were ‘natural’” is unacceptable. Such statements only add fuel to the fire. Are we living in a civilised society, or are we revisiting barbarism? One has visions of more such unsavoury incidents happening.

S. Narayanan, Chennai

The Hindu Rashtra Sena must be banned, and the Modi government must remember that people overcame their reservations about voting for a right-wing government because they wanted political stability, good governance and development. There is no room for terror and hate under the new government. We want progress, not unproductive enmity.

Pratap Gokuldas, Coimbatore

This only appears to be a planned attack by elements emboldened by the victory of the BJP. Stringent action needs to be taken against radical forces so that communal tensions do not get out of hand. Mr. Modi’s dream of wanting to see India progress will only materialise if there is peace and harmony.

Md Imran Ahmed, Hyderabad

More than the death of the young man, what is shocking is that most of the persons arrested for the crime are below 30. This only highlights how extremist groups are misguiding youth who have a potentially bright future into becoming criminals and murderers instead.

Bharath Janapati, Hyderabad

The increasing intolerance of fringe groups and what they are capable of shows how they are unaware of the fact that sensitive issues can be handled in a more peaceful manner, avoiding bloodshed and hate. The death of an innocent man and the vandalising of public property show how dangerous conservative minds can get by disrupting the social structure for political gains. The Central government should act firmly on this issue.

Malini Jain, New Delhi

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