The horrific tragedy that left seven dead and many injured at a gurdwara in Wisconsin is indescribable. While the U.S. has successfully prevented a major terrorist attack on its soil after 9/11 by enhancing intelligence sharing and security in airports and other major avenues, sporadic tragedies continue to render cinemas and places of worship vulnerable. It is not practical for the government to provide security to every public avenue across the country. To prevent such random acts of violence, it needs to enact tougher gun control laws which will deny a gun to madmen in the first place.

Varad Seshadri,


Attacks on foreigners have become common in many countries. One reason could be the resentment among the locals over their earning opportunities being snatched away by outsiders.

A.G. Rajmohan,


Shooting incidents have become very common in the U.S. The main cause is that fire arms are easily accessible to all. Had the Wisconsin type of incident taken place in India, the U.S. media and government would have made it a big issue and criticised New Delhi for failing to protect the minorities.

A. Srikantaiah,


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