This refers to the article “Where Sangh spins narratives of victimhood, belligerence” (Sept. 11). People are not naïve to believe dirty stories floated by the sangh parivar. Girls are mature enough to decide whom to love and marry. Well educated Hindu girls marry Muslim boys and Muslim girls marry Hindu men. The so-called saviours of Hinduism play dirty politics. They know nothing about Islam and Hinduism. The ‘jihad’ the VHP leader is talking about is against the teachings in madrasas. ‘Love jihad’ is a hate campaign sponsored by the sangh parivar.

Tarique Anwar,

New Delhi

The report is bound to excite sensitive people in U.P. and elsewhere. The VHP leader’s claim that 95 out of 100 girls who elope are Hindus is nothing but fertile imagination. I am sure there is no proof to substantiate the claim.

S. Vydhianathan,


Saying that ‘love jihad’ is a rumour fuelled by the sangh is to deny the truth. It is a reality we need to confront. I was astonished to see a response in the letters column which said there is no such thing as love jihad, and questioned The Hindu’s decision to publish it on page one (Sept. 12). I commend the newspaper for carrying the report. Of course, it is for people to decide whether love jihad is a blatant lie promoted by the sangh or an organised game plan.

Sanchi Singh,

New Delhi

This is in response to a letter that says “love jihad” exists in Kerala and Karnataka (Sept. 12). The propagandist myth of “love jihad” is a bubble that burst in Kerala as far back as January 2012. There was an official investigation into the matter and the police came up with nothing. But the campaign was carried on for over a year.

Zayan Asif M.P.,


The report on love jihad was disturbing. The sangh forces are adopting communal tactics to destroy the unity of India.

Md Imran Ahmed,



Where Sangh spins narratives of victimhood, belligerenceSeptember 11, 2013

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