In order to reap political dividends, the Congress-led UPA government has taken a hasty decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh, and form a separate State of Telangana. As a result, the Rayalaseema region is in turmoil. The saddest part is the Centre seems unconcerned about the happenings in the region. People of all regions should have been taken into confidence before taking such a major decision. A few political leaders who decided the fate of the State did so for selfish reasons.

B. Madhava Murthy,


The turn of events in Andhra Pradesh is distressing. That there are such intense feelings of hatred and animosity among a group of people speaking the same language and sharing a common culture is unfortunate. It is difficult to visualise a normalisation of feelings. Political leaders are clueless about the future and are manipulating people wildly, helped by an over-aggressive media.

The madness has to stop. Let all of us — politicians, bureaucrats, policymakers, media, intelligentsia, and civil society leaders — come together and build a consensus. A peaceful State is being systematically destroyed. An independent State of Telangana should become a reality but the issue of Hyderabad and river-water sharing need to be sorted out so that peace and happiness can return. The land, not people, should be divided.

Pingali Gopal,


The Telangana agitation has been going on for decades. With the Cabinet clearing the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the Samaikyandhra agitation has gained momentum. Both the agitations have led to a disruption of life, closure of schools and colleges, disruption of power, damage to public property and so on. The only way to resolve the issue is to hold an opinion poll that can serve as a referendum.

Only political leaders have made decisions on the issue all these days — as if Telangana is their business. Let the people of Andhra Pradesh decide what they want.

Datta Shivane,


The unrest in Seemandhra refuses to die down. The deep rooted regional bias which has crystallised into animosity and hatred has driven even the womenfolk to indulge in aggressive behaviour (Oct. 7), which is shocking. What an irony in the land of the Mahatma, who envisioned empowerment of women.

A fire has been started in Andhra Pradesh, with all political parties trying to take advantage but who will douse it is a million dollar question.

T. Prabakar,


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