This refers to the report that 96 schoolgirls from Dhanbad and Digwadih on a two-day educational tour were harassed at the Patna station, allegedly by examinees travelling to Jharkhand for a railway recruitment exam (Nov. 26). It was sad to read about their being subjected to crude verbal remarks and that they were unable to even get to their reserved compartment due to the indifferent attitude of the Railway Protection Force. Safety of girls and women seems to be a non-issue in India.

P. Narahari,


It is laudable to note that The Hindu is giving priority to the subject of sexual harassment. The series of articles and reports in the past few days has given perspective to the issue. This must now lead to greater awareness. Action should be taken against the perpetrators, irrespective of their standing in society. This will send a strong message that it is the woman’s right to highlight her plight at the workplace and elsewhere.

N.C. Sreedharan,


The Supreme Court appears to have made the right beginning in being sensitive to the issue of harassment (“Supreme Court gets internal complaints committee,” Nov. 27). Hopefully, it will come out with proper recommendations in course of time.

Ramabhadran Narayanan,


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