The Supreme Court must be congratulated for making a rational judgment on the issue of subsidy for Haj travel (May 9). By itself, the subsidy has been a bone of contention for very long, and perhaps a vote-catching gimmick. Religion is an affair and choice of the individual and people who want to go on a pilgrimage should bear their own expenses. The apex court should also go into the monies spent by certain governments on marriage/thali schemes, mass-marriages and the like.

J.V.V. Murthy, Coimbatore

Among the five pillars of Islam, Haj and Zakat are obligatory only for rich Muslims. While there is no justification for a government subsidy for a pilgrimage, it should contemplate implementing the suggestions made by the Rajinder Sachar Committee and the Ranganath Misra Commission.

S. Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa

India is a secular state and the government cannot give a subsidy for pilgrimages to only one community and religion. This money can instead be used for minority welfare, by providing them with proper education and health care.

Shashank Rao Palety, Vijayawada

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