Deep condolences and sympathies to the kin of the dead and the injured in Haiti (Jan. 14). The catastrophe reminds us of the fragility of life on a still geologically active planet and of the need to work together in times of need. Along with the nations of the world, India must also extend a helping hand to the affected people. The endeavour should be to brainstorm and harness research aimed at predicting earthquakes and improving construction methods to make the existing and new buildings safer.

Syed Khaja, New Delhi

The earthquake that struck the small country, killing thousands and rendering a million homeless out of a population of just nine million, is one of the greatest national tragedies in recent period. Unfortunately, Haiti has manmade problems also. The country has been facing mis-governance, social unrest and rampant corruption. Notwithstanding these, all nations, irrespective of their economic condition and ideology, should generously help Haiti in its colossal task of relief and reconstruction.

R.T. Narayanan, Chennai

The earthquake that flattened Port-Au-Prince was a catastrophe beyond description. By looking at the damage to the presidential palace, one can infer the plight of other buildings and homes. The media coverage on recent days of the tragedy is truly heart-breaking. The blessing, however, was the timing of the earthquake. The temblor came before sunset and many people still had a chance to run out of their homes.

Varad Seshadri, Sunnyvale

Pictures and TV clippings showed the intensity of the Haitian devastation. They are a pointer to how island nations are in greater peril even as the climate change phenomenon on earth is slowly revealing its virulence. Every country should take note of this warning. They should implement steps to contain global warming to avert calamities.

S. Arjun Prasanna, Chennai

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