It is unfortunate that the Oak Creek gurdwara in Wisconsin became the target of indiscriminate firing by a madman, resulting in loss of lives and traumatising the Sikh community. The U.S. is in the grip of the arms lobby. What else can explain civilians carrying automatic machine guns in a peaceful society? As for the suggestion that Wade Michael Page mistook Sikhs for Muslims and therefore fired on them, it is shocking. Is an attack on Muslims justified?

Natarajan Sitaraman,


Americans’ love for the gun is unique. The state endorses this sentiment by making it easier for its citizens to obtain firearms in the name of protection. The gruesome killing at the Oak Creek gurdwara is a clarion call for the U.S. to implement laws which restrict people’s access to guns.

Hari Vansh Shardul,

New Delhi

Sunday’s attack reinforces the growing trend of hate and resentment among foreigners against Indians. Be it Australia, England or America, only the face of the victim changes but the cause of the attacks remains the same. I do not think they have anything to do with gun culture; they are about foreigners snatching away the opportunities of the locals.

Abrar Ahmed,


The Wisconsin incident points to the ever growing intolerance and disgust towards the ethnic and other minorities. The desire to dominate and intolerance breed on each other and insecurity is the result. Sociological and political scientists need to study the problem to avoid the recurrence of such incidents.

Ramakrishna Thakur,


I would like to point to the hypocrisy of the media in labelling Page as simply a “gunman.” What he did was an act of terror which led to the loss of innocent lives. Apparently, a U.S. army veteran does not deserve the label of a terrorist. It is sad to see people singling out those who sport long beards and wear kurtas because of the media’s biased portrayal of a section. The Wisconsin-type acts are nothing but the result of the media’s sustained brainwashing.

Syed Abdul Samih,


My heart goes out to all those scarred by Sunday’s gurdwara attack. The U.S. is soft on the arms lobby because of politico-economic considerations. The argument that potential victims need guns to protect themselves is absurd. If a child runs after his sibling with, say, a knife, is providing the sibling with a knife the solution?

Pranav Shekhar,

New Delhi

The act of the 65-year-old head of the Oak Creek gurdwara, Sadwant Singh Kaleka, who went down fighting the supremacist gunman to save other worshippers, including women and children, is one of great sacrifice. It is rare to find people who live and die for others. We salute him for his exemplary service. He should be honoured posthumously by the U.S. and the Indian government.

V.M. Khaleelur Rahman,


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