It was a great moment for Indians when Team India lifted the World Cup in Mumbai on Saturday. Throughout the tournament, the team played extremely well, exhibiting all-round improvement in all departments of the game.

K.H. Krishnan,


The 28-year wait is over. India is now world champion. The team is rightly considered a great batting side. Skipper M.S. Dhoni, by promoting himself up the batting order, not only anchored the run chase but also showcased his ability to perform under pressure. Congratulations Team India, you have made the country proud!

S. Gautham,


Saturday's memorable win in Mumbai won the hearts of cricketing fans in not only India but across the world. Many cricket fans who were not born in 1983 must be feeling extremely lucky to see India win the World Cup.

Sagar D. Kokate,

New Delhi

After almost 28 years, the most coveted trophy in the cricketing world is ours. The brilliant display of team effort made the feat possible. The lord of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, had his moment of glory in his sixth World Cup appearance.

As for us, it was a feeling that cannot be described in words. We've shown the world we are the best.

Mohsin Shiraz,


The unsung hero of the day was indeed Gautam Gambhir who was instrumental in bringing the target of 275 within Team India's reach. He deserves special praise for his cool and controlled effort.

Sreedhara Ramanathan,


Captain “Fantastic” Dhoni deserves praise for displaying nerves of steel and playing a magnificent knock under tremendous pressure. The “Jharkhand dynamite” delivered when it mattered most.

The World Cup triumph is another feather in Dhoni's cap. It will go down in history as the most memorable victory in Indian cricket. Under Dhoni's inspirational captaincy, nothing is impossible for the Men in Blue.

N. Venkata Sai Praveen,


April 2 will be remembered as a great day in the history of India. The whole nation celebrated as India emerged victorious. It was a great moment, especially for master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Team India emerged a strong and united team.

Ashutosh Kumar Lakhan Shah,


The nation broke into spontaneous celebration on Saturday. After an agonising wait of 28 years, millions came together to celebrate India's victory at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.

Gambhir's masterful innings of 97 and Dhoni's 91 not out were a reflection of endurance under pressure.

Shahid Ali Khan,


Although I did not get caught in the cricketing frenzy, I nonetheless celebrated and danced — to the utter surprise and dismay of my 12-year-old son — when India won the World Cup. My son, born in the U.K., considers himself British and maintains he has nothing to do with India. But he asked me: “How many runs do we need to win?” Yes, WE. He and I and the huge crowd. I, who realised at that moment, once an Indian always an Indian; he, who de-conflicted in his mind that indeed he has something to do with India.

In the final reckoning, the mass hysteria over a game I held in contempt, not because of the game itself but because of the false pretensions and priorities it attached to our psyche, has in a rather facetious fashion, enthralled and entertained me. More positively, my young son understood that the world is not all black and white, that order has its origins in chaos, and that it is generally preferable to pause and consider before declaring allegiance.

Gopinath Chandroth,


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