Hugo Chavez’s death is a great loss to world politics and socialism. It has left a void in Venezuelan politics. The deep emotional outpouring that followed the death of President Chavez speaks volumes about his popularity. His socialist ideology bound Latin America. He, along with Cuban leader Fidel Castro, was a leading figure of Latin America. In an era of crony capitalism, Mr. Chavez was someone we will always remember as an anti-imperialist and staunch critic of neo-liberalism. As is the case after every great leader’s death, succession is always painful. Venezuelans need to exercise caution. It is time for restraint.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav,


Mr. Chavez was an epic figure who symbolised the radical transformation of Latin America. He was elected for a fourth term as President just six months ago with a huge margin. His death is indeed a big blow to Venezuela, Latin America and the world.

Dandyala Indira,



Hugo Chávez: Death of a socialistMarch 6, 2013

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