It is clear that Mr. Kejriwal wants to start in right earnest in cleansing the administration of all its ills (Dec.30). When Rajaji, an impeccably honest politician, started his first ministry in Madras, he did not go head-on with the set-up. He made people understand gradually that here was a genuine politician who meant business. Mr. Kejriwal should be able to reach out to the last man in the administrative set-up who has had unbridled freedom so far in running the show. The Chief Minister should be aware of the practical hurdles and move slowly.

M. Rajaraman,


One can bring in the analogy of cricket. As far as Mr. Kejriwal is concerned he has two paths before him: the road less travelled and the one most used. He must aspire to be like Sachin Tendulkar, taking his time to bat and build up a steady score of runs. He must be patient and should listen.

Hari Prakash C.,


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