This refers to Kerala Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac's statement that the CPI (M) is neither opposed to Genetically Modified crops nor is ready to offer them unqualified support (Jan. 3). To Mr. Isaac, GM crops means Monsanto and Monsanto means GM crops. It is hard to believe that he is unaware of the ground realities of GM crop cultivation in the world. To say that he is neither for nor against GM crops and then proclaim that the State is GM-free is contradictory.

GM crops have been rigorously examined the world over for their biological, human, animal and environmental impact and there are scores of peer reviewed research reports testifying to the scientific aspects of safety and environmental risks. It has been clearly established that the economic benefits of the technology reach the growers directly. Mr. Isaac should pay more attention to his party colleague Ramachandran Pillai who is reported to have said that opposition to GM crops amounts to superstition.

Dr. Shanthu Shantharam,


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