I disagree with the editorial “Stop baying for blood” (Jan. 16). We have been fighting a low-intensity war with Pakistan for too long a period. It cannot be allowed to go on forever just because that country has nuclear weapons. The time has come for us to take decisive action.

The option is to either hand over Kashmir on a platter to Pakistan and face further aggression in the years to come or retaliate fittingly come what may. Pakistan, especially jihadis, knows that barking dogs seldom bite. No amount of talks or other soft options will help. Let us not portray ourselves as a timid nation.

R. Venkita Giri,


A majority of Indians want peaceful co-existence with all countries in the region. But that should not be misconstrued as our weakness by the rulers and the army in Pakistan. The Prime Minister has at last spoken, correctly and boldly. It is futile to have a relationship with Pakistan when our self-respect is at stake. It is time we gave that country a fitting reply for which no cost is bigger and higher.

K. Chellappan,


No doubt, efforts at peace are important. But we need to display calibrated aggressiveness at wanton and premeditated attacks by Pakistan if our country is to shake off its image of being a soft state. Peace efforts with the hostile neighbour will be meaningful only if it is made to understand that the reaction from India will be swift and more punitive.

That Pakistan is unable to do anything about the continued U.S. drone attacks on its soil other than issuing routine statements reflects the reality that one needs to be strong enough and display the strength occasionally to make the other party see reason.

B. Venkatramani,



Stop baying for bloodJanuary 16, 2013

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