This refers to the article, “Is Narendra Modi genuinely BJP?” (April 5). I am sure that there are many concerned citizens like me who share the same sense of apprehension the writer hints at. While the Bharatiya Janata Party in general at the helm of affairs can represent a welcome change, Mr. Modi heading the government as the Prime Minister is not a welcome prospect. With most pre-poll surveys forecasting a massive mandate in favour of the BJP and Mr. Modi, the reality is rather scary. It is unfortunate that the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance has virtually given up the fight and seems to be watching helplessly from the sidelines.

Bhuvaneswari Younus,


The article portrays the real image of Mr. Modi and reflects the opinion of secular citizens of the country who are concerned about values and progress without the politics. Mr. Modi’s elevation will be harmful to both his party and the nation.

Mohamed Ali,


It is amusing that the secular brigade is getting worked up about the prospect of Prime Minister Modi. Mr. Modi is a dimple on the face of the BJP that is now the cynosure of everyone’s eye, despite any seeming imperfections. The Modi wave is significant and has rattled even his detractors.

Sudharsan Rajagopalan,

Utah, U.S.

The word “ersatz” is used in the context of products of a poor quality. So, how can “an ersatz version of the BJP” win within the BJP to be the prime ministerial candidate? To this point, the article has no answer.

The BJP has ruled India before. Mr. Modi, with his experience as a successful Chief Minister, can lead the nation to greater heights. It is safe to say that the organisations that lend support to the BJP will cooperate with it in governance. To those who fear the rise of right-wing elements, let us remember that with a great Constitution, a strong judiciary and a Presidency, there is no risk of Mr. Modi becoming a threat.

Thomas Edmunds,


Due to the various movements spearheaded by its earlier set of leaders, the saffron party has had to bear the burden of being labelled a sectarian or communal party. Mr. Modi has often waxed eloquent about development and economic prosperity. He is no ersatz version of the BJP but an enunciative version of the BJP.

Sharath Ram S.,



Is Narendra Modi genuinely BJP?April 5, 2014

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