Men and women are like the two sides of a coin (“We men too have hearts in the right place,” Open Page, Sept. 26). Men and women should support one another to bring out the best in them. The greatest fortune that a person can ever have is a loving and caring spouse. Let us stop comparing men and women and make a beautiful world together.

Navami Sreekumar,


This is with reference to the sentence in the article by Pratyush Raman: “If a woman is denied job over marriage, a man is denied marriage over job.” A man is never denied marriage over a job. It is just that he gets married later.

Once a girl stops studying, gets married and settles down, it is practically impossible for her to pursue what she wants unless she has support of her husband's family. Do a man's in-laws impose such restrictions on him?

Akhila Krishnaswamy,


The writer has correctly emphasised the importance of being equally involved in maintaining a good relationship. But it is worth mentioning that in a male-dominated society as ours, exploitation of women has become a trend in some sections.

We cannot deny that a woman has to support and maintain new relationships after marriage. Despite laudable efforts and various women-friendly laws, there is still much more ground to cover to curtail rising prejudice against women.

Shilpa Kamboj,


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