A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's thought provoking article on the importance of nuclear power (Special essay, Nov. 6) is well researched. Energy is undoubtedly the prime driver of economic development. India can meet its energy demand only by harnessing thorium-based nuclear energy. As rightly pointed out, “affordable, clean and abundant energy provided by nuclear sources is our gateway to a future that is healthy, learned and connected.”

V.K. Balakrishnan,


The special essay is splendid. It should serve as an eye-opener to the politically motivated protesters in Kudankulam. Such articles should be published in regional newspapers and other media too, in order to enable all sections to understand the issues of nuclear safety. We have to choose between proven deaths due to greenhouse gases or risk of death in the remote case of an accident. The latter seems a better option.

Rajaram Srinivasan,


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