In the first blush, the filing of an FIR by the Delhi government may appear to be arrogant and going overboard (Feb.13). But let us not forget that it exposes the unholy nexus between the corporate world and the government in exploiting the country’s natural resources. The Central government should take the cue from what the late President Hugo Chávez did in Venezuela. When he felt that western oil companies were exploiting Venezuela’s natural resources, he nationalised them. He was a patriot. Can we expect the same move by our politicians? Therefore, the action taken by the Delhi government is laudable.

T. Anand Raj,


The Arvind Kejriwal-led commando raids on corruption, by shooting at a few rotten fruits on the tree of corruption, indeed enliven the hopes of the common man who has been choking on the suffocating fumes of all-round graft for three decades. But the crusader must now direct his eyes toward government offices at the lower levels where the common man has some business to transact every day. Indira Gandhi once confessed that files move in government offices at an elephantine pace. Merit takes a back seat everywhere. If only lower-level corruption is tackled, India will come up in the comity of nations.

K. Panchapagesan,


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