The article “Turning garbage into gas” (July 18) has rightly drawn attention to the health hazards of incinerating trash. Simultaneously, it has also emphasised the benefits of gasification. Our future depends on the future of nature. It is time the authorities stopped relying on the traditional method of keeping quiet and letting the situation worsen.

Sukriti Makkar,


Steps should be taken not when things go bad but when we know things will go bad. We have the data that 10 years from now, 600,000 tonnes of garbage will be generated by 600 million Indians. One shouldn’t be complacent about people’s health.

Sofia Vij,


All major cities need gasification plants for the treatment of garbage. It would not be wrong in this context to state that there is need for government bodies and other organisations to share knowledge about new technologies.

Jain Basil Aliyas,


The article has exposed our failure to utilise modern scientific methods to solve our energy crisis. Brazil has used its abundant sugarcane resources to develop an alternative to conventional crude oil.

Vatan Poonia,


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