There goes another victim of the fight against “unwelcome advances”. God forbid, women commuting in their thousands by suburban trains and other public transport should be given the licence to complain of being subjected to “unwelcome advances”, albeit unintentional, in the jam-packed compartments. Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly, it would seem, is more sinned against than sinning.

M. Ramankutty,


It is heartening to note that Justice Ganguly has finally deigned to relinquish office as chairperson of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission. The Centre must be lauded for its patient efforts in resolving the case, which appeared to have been heading for a stalemate. In the space of two months, the nation has witnessed the fall from grace of two high-profile personalities over the charge of sexual harassment. Significantly, the complainants in both cases are less than half the age of the accused persons, who happen to have been rich and powerful.

These episodes have underscored the need to evolve institutional mechanisms to insulate young women employees from harassment and conduct further study on gender sensitisation at the workplace.

R. Ganesan,


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