Inflammatory remarks by Telangana Rashtra Samiti chief K. Chandrashekhar Rao that government employees from Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra working in Telangana should go back to their respective regions (which he has since denied making) are only an indication of the things to come for the Seemandhra people living in Hyderabad. The UPA government has committed a historical blunder by granting statehood to Telangana with an eye on the coming elections.

P. Krishnasai,


The UPA government’s decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh with Hyderabad as the common capital for 10 years has resulted in turmoil. The inciting remarks of some TRS leaders have added fuel to the fire.

The situation can perhaps be brought under control and settled amicably if the Centre calls the representatives of all parties from all three regions and assures them that their interests will be taken care of.

V.S. Sista,


Mr. Rao has seems to have set his agenda. Such rabble-rousing statements create a feeling of insecurity in the minds of people who have settled down in Hyderabad. A majority of big business establishments and educational institutions belong to the people of the Andhra region. Declaring Hyderabad a Union Territory will perhaps reassure them.

Capt. Thongath Raju (retd.),


The creation of Telangana might have been right for the people living there but it has given rise to violence in other States, with many regions demanding separation. The Bodoland People’s Front’s preparation for a new state may prove fruitful in the next few years but it is too early to say whether it will be a right or wrong decision. If Bodoland becomes a reality, regions in other States may also start following the route of violence to get their demands fulfilled.

Mansi Rani,


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