The UPA government came to power for the second time in the name of the common man. But today, the aam aadmi seems to be at the bottom of priorities. The government should have taken a responsible alternative step to provide relief to oil companies rather than adding to the aam aadmi's burden. The common man is already reeling under the impact of unprecedented inflation.

Syed Khaja,

New Delhi

The entire Opposition walked out of the Lok Sabha during the budget speech to protest the hike in the excise duty of petrol and diesel. UPA constituents like the Trinamool Congress, the DMK and the NCP are also reported to have demanded a rollback. Yet Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has taken a firm stand, ruling out a roll back. It looks like the government is sure that no party wants to risk a fresh election and, therefore, will not pull down the government.

K. Vijayakumar,


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