As someone who taught in Sirte University in Qadhafi’s hometown for more than three years until 2011, I agree with the conclusion (Editorial, April 4) that there is a palpable threat of disintegration, with many Libyans feeling nostalgic about the Qadhafi era. The so-called changes brought about in Libya through the revolution do not serve the democratic purpose intended. Even today, it is hard for a majority of the people in Libya to think of anything beyond the lines of tribal affiliations. In his time, Qadhafi tried to keep these tribal forces in control through his constant political compromises. But the present government, which seems to be largely influenced by forces from outside Libya, is finding it difficult to manage the effects of their changes. However, there is a great degree of confidence among emerging young and dynamic leaders who believe that this volatile situation will pass and will instead strengthen democratic forces.

S.A. Thameemul Ansari,

Kayalpatnam, Tamil Nadu

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