Lt. Gen. Kamal Davar has rightly pointed out to the need for India to strengthen the hands of the Sheikh Hasina government in Bangladesh (Sept. 5). Our stakes are high in Bangladesh from both the security and development points of view.

But, ironically, our foreign policy is guided by State governments to score political points — this is true of issues involving both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Abhishek Tariyal,

Dehra Dun

India must use all its resources to maintain a balanced relationship with all its neighbours, including Bangladesh. Dhaka assumes greater significance as it is a gateway to peace and tranquillity in the north-east.

V. Senthil Prabhu,


During my recent visit to Dhaka, many people told me that they saw Sheikh Hasina’s government as being overtly friendly with India with little or no reciprocation from India.

The crackdown on the Jamaat-e-Islami is also seen there as something done to appease India. New Delhi must ensure that, unlike in Sri Lanka, it gets its priorities right in Bangladesh.

Kartik Narayan,


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