I agree with Ruchika Sharma that no examination can please all takers (“Only crammers need not apply,” Nov. 28). It is due to the vicissitudes of the Civil Services examination that it has become one of the toughest exams to crack. T.K. Ngaihte’s concern about the time limit (Nov. 24) is genuine. But administrators are always pressed for time.

If you cannot answer a paper in three hours, how will you go through the staggering reports and complaints, and provide solutions to them on a daily basis? At least, the UPSC gives you four attempts. Real life administration is not so merciful.

Priya Allu,


Given the varied background of the candidates who appear for the Civil Service examination, it is hard to set a paper which is not in favour of any one. The UPSC has been highly successful in this aspect. It has to prepare question papers for 51 optional subjects, of which 23 are from main subjects and 28 language papers like Pali, Telugu, etc. Add to this the compulsory essay and general studies papers. It is better to stop judging the UPSC and to understand the difficulties in conducting the examination which attracts the brightest minds.

I.K.S.A. Anil,


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