This is with reference to the article “A BJP-Muslim entente cordiale?” (March 10). The BJP has to address the issue of one of the main irritants that the Muslim community faces — the false implication of Muslim youth in terror cases. There must also be an attempt to help the community integrate with the mainstream.

Ashfaque Ahmad,


There can be absolutely no illusion about the stand of the BJP or that of its prime ministerial candidate for 2014, on Muslims. The BJP has never wavered from its posture of hostility towards the minority community; nothing has happened on the ground to suggest otherwise. The party’s propensity to rake up sensitive issues such as the Uniform Civil Code and Article 370 should leave no one in doubt about its real intentions. The apology given out by party president Rajnath Singh was certainly not from his heart; it was a only a tool to garner votes. An apology would have had greater impact had it come from Mr. Modi.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


A discussion that a popular TV anchor had with students of Jamia Millia recently and which was aired on a news channel showed that the younger generation is still not ready to accept or believe the change in the BJP's position despite its attempts to “reach out” and resort to course-correction. There are numerous issues on either side that are thorny and which need to be debated. There is always a need for reconciliation on both sides.

N. Sridhar,

Madurantakam, Tamil Nadu


A BJP-Muslim entente cordiale?March 10, 2014

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