This refers to the Editorial, “For quicker decision-making” (June 5). The Manmohan Singh government got bogged down in numerous controversies and soon found itself in a situation where no one, especially bureaucrats, wanted to take any responsibility. This resulted in administrative paralysis. Therefore, it is with good judgment that Mr. Modi is ushering in more freedom and accountability in Ministries, under the supervision of the PMO. We can have a decision-making process where the entire Cabinet can squabble over opinions and options and then come to no decision, bringing the government to a grinding halt in the process. Or, we can have small expert groups with the PMO’s backing, which can then take faster decisions and make the government tick. The choice is ours.

A. Thirugnanasambantham, Coimbatore

The EGoM and GoM systems were improper arrangements in the first place. They were devised to suit the peculiar arrangement under Dr. Singh and Ms. Sonia Gandhi. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet delegated their authority and responsibility — one does not know under what constitutional provision — to these motivated offshoots with the obvious intent of receiving separate instructions from the high command. No self-respecting Prime Minister or Cabinet would countenance such an arrangement. Therefore, Mr. Modi has lost no time in scrapping it, although I am sure that for the sake of politeness he has cited the intent of reduction of delays and enhancement of efficiency as the reasons for the move. Having restored honour and primacy to the Cabinet, there is no reason to fear that Mr. Modi will rule it by fiat. A strong PMO is a necessity to help the Prime Minister to be in the know of things. It will also set the direction and the tone of Cabinet discussions.

A.N. Lakshmanan, Bangalore

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