This refers to the article “For an unfettered Internet” (Feb.18). The writer’s arguments against a proposed U.N. role in Internet regulation and for continuation of the so-called free regulatory regime outside of the U.N. framework are hardly convincing, especially after the Snowden revelations. In the absence of a global government based on global politics and global democracy, the U.N. is the best democratic outfit we can ever imagine of to manage this complexity. It was only after prolonged debate and discussion organised by the ITU and other U.N. institutions that a majority decision was made in Doha last year to assign the U.N. its rightful role in the management of the Internet. Subi Chaturvedi now wants to reverse this progressive step. The article did not give any background information on the history of the prolonged U.N.-ITU campaign on Internet technologies.

K. Vijayachandran,



For an unfettered InternetFebruary 18, 2014

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