As both a former Air Force officer and a physician, I must express my misgivings about the article, “Once again, the fear of flying” (March 10) on three counts.

I am an unabashed flyer who volunteered to fly several medical missions on aging aircraft to remote locations. I believe what many others have proved — that flying is the safest mode of transportation. Time and again, pundits who have pondered over the cause of a mishap to a flight have gone wrong when postulating without facts. As a physician who has struggled with treating the fear of flying or pteromerhanophobia, I shudder at the thought that many who have read the article will have white knuckles when they board their next flight. My advice to all flyers is to fasten your seat belt, open your copy of The Hindu, have a good read and relax. You will be at your destination in good time and god speed.

Venkita S. Suresh,



Once again, the fear of flying March 10, 2014

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